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Adding the Social Element to Gay Saunas and Clothing-Optional Resorts Worldwide
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#GaySauna: Gay Saunas Made Social
Adding the Social Element to Gay Saunas and Clothing-Optional Resorts Worldwide!
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About Us - and Pink Banana Media

About Pink Banana Media
The buzz around social media is hard to avoid... whether it's all about Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, the conversations people are having about these social media are growing louder and louder every day. Businesses are taking note and learning step-by-step how to ensure their organizations are relevant in these conversations as well... yours should be, too. What we do is break social media technology into bite-sized pieces, allowing you first to understand how Facebook can work for your business, and then expanding from there into the world of blogs, photos and perhaps even video, using these content tools to enhance your reach into your target market, whether they are searching for you on Google, following you on Twitter or monitoring your updates on LinkedIn.

This new medium of social media has a few key concepts that are important to any social media marketing strategy... first, that your marketing efforts are shifting from "speaking to" your customer to "speaking with" your customer. This "speaking with" style changes everything... no longer is it OK to put a message together and simply put it out there in the form of a display ad, e-mail campaign or press release. Speaking with your customer means communicating in a more personable, human voice. Speaking with your customer means they get to speak back. And speaking with your customer means that your conversations are more transparent and available for others who can chime in and participate as well.

They other key concept in social media is that it is all connected and works together. When a blog is posted or a photo is uploaded, these "content elements" are now out there online working for you. Once your social media network is set up, a blog posting would feed into Twitter, your Facebook fan page, your LinkedIn Group and will appear prominently on Google Search. Your photos and videos would do the same, updating your entire social media universe in all of the "touch points" you have set up, whether those are the basics (Facebook and Twitter) or more specific to your industry (TripAdvisor, Yelp, IGLTA's social media feed, etc.) With one click of the "publish" button, social media takes your message far and wide and does the best job of any medium in delivering your message to those that specifically want to hear from you... your target audience!

This is what Pink Banana Media does for you. We help you to build your social media content networks and then develop and implement a strategy that integrates your content into the social media universe that is specifically matched to your industry. We stay specialized in the LGBT marketplace, as we can then reach even deeper into this niche for you, drawing on our 18+ years of experience in the LGBT online industry and putting these years of experience to work for you.



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